Small Apartment Workouts You Should Try

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With the recent shift in regulations, there has been a greater demand for exercise facilities in Singapore. As reported in the Straits Times last May 2022, more than 238,600 people used 26 ActiveSG gyms and 108,400 members took part in programs at ActiveSG Sport Centres. With so many people hitting these establishments, however, you may be considering exercising from home instead to improve your physical fitness. It can be tough to have an effective workout when living in a small apartment or home.

Not having enough room to exercise can discourage people from working out, but there are plenty of ways to get around this challenge. Read on to learn more about the best ways to exercise in a small space:


Using a kettlebell is a great way to work out intensely without the need for a large space. Today Online’s report on the Health Promotion Board suggests at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity per week; the most common routine, kettlebell swings, can easily meet this exercise target. Depending on your fitness level, choose a weight that you can handle, with beginners starting from 4kg (9 pounds) while an expert handling at least 8kg (18 pounds). Make sure to keep your posture straight and don’t swing the equipment too high up to prevent injury.

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Yoga is a multi-directional exercise that involves movement, meditation, and breathing techniques. In “5 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga Today”, writer James Gonzales notes how yoga is a popular fitness alternative — with over 14% of adults in the US practicing this form of exercise, joining millions of yoga practitioners around the world. Yoga is highly beneficial for sleep, flexibility, strength training, pain relief, and spirituality, which makes it a great option for many people. If you’re looking to improve strength and muscle tone, our Yoga and Pilates on The Ball Training makes use of a large stability ball and a small Pilates ball to enhance yoga workouts.


Pilate exercise focuses on working out your core to build balance, maintaining proper posture, and even reducing lower back pain. Like yoga, one of the perks of this exercise is it doesn’t require additional equipment besides an exercise mat for comfort. Many of its exercises are scalable according to your abilities, and if you’re looking for a challenge, you can even work out on a chair to ensure your legs and back are suspended. It’s important to stretch before and after working out to ensure you don’t get any muscle strains in the process.

Suspension training

Suspension training is another great way to make use of small spaces. These utilize a versatile nylon strap which is hooked onto any stable anchor, which can be your bedroom door or beam. By relying on your body weight, you are forced to engage your full body to maintain balance and form. Most exercises come with the added benefit that they don’t require jumping, so you don’t have to worry about making too much noise. Aside from research, you can also consult with our Personal Trainers at the gym to learn what techniques would best suit your physical goals and needs.

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Exercise is important for our health, from losing weight to improving our fitness. As our post on “Lose Fat and Get Lean” shares, we also need to be mindful of other factors that affect our physical health, such as being mindful of what we eat, getting enough sleep, and managing our stress levels. By being disciplined and dedicating yourself to exercise, you are sure to work your body towards success.

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