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The Latest Research on Training to Failure

  Training to “failure” has always been a hot topic in the fitness industry, with many diverging opinions and ideas that can make it hard to clarify how one should approach their training. For this reason, one of the goals of my PhD research is to help elucidate the influence of “proximity-to-failure” on muscle hypertrophy….

The Brain, Chronic Pain & Yoga

Claudia Micco, YogaFit Senior Mastertrainer Can an ancient mind-body and exercise practice that combines movement, meditation, and breathing help our clients with chronic pain? Yes! There is evidence that Yoga can be a helpful tool to cope with the day to day realities of chronic pain. Yoga, not unlike many exercise programs, places its emphasis…

Global Obesity Epidemic: The Crucial Role of Fitness Professionals

Alexis Batrakoulis, PhD(c), MS, CSCS, CSPS, NSCA-CPT, RCPT*E; ACSM–EP, CPT, EIM II; ACE-CMES, CHC, CPT; NASM-CES, PES It is well known and evidence-based that epidemic of obesity has grown at an alarming rate among adults and children, both at Asian and worldwide level (1). If we realize the fact that this epidemic is highly associated with…

The Rep Theory

One of the most frequently asked questions in the fitness industry is: “How many repetitions should I perform for any given exercise?” If you are expecting a simple, straight-forward answer, forget it. Bodybuilding great Mike Mentzer was an advocate of performing one to two well-performed sets to failure for a given exercise, and kept his…