Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 1 & 2

If you plan to use kettlebells in your training sessions, then the Fundamentals of Kettlebells Course is a MUST to attend. The course will ensure that you deliver the exercises safely and with Expertise. You will stand out from other trainers as you will learn to deliver a huge range of exercises with perfect technique, and your programs will blow their mind. We offer this accredited kettlebell course from Functional Training Institute (Australia) here at FIT Asia – get certified today!


  • Learn from experienced kettlebells sport competitor and educator, Dexter Jemuel Tay
  • Progress your career and help your clients see more fat loss, strength, balance, and power. Complete this + Rehab Express + Trigger Point 1&2 to earn the Functional Fitness Training Specialist credential and badge!
  • Upcoming intake: 8 & 9 September 2022, 9am-5pm
    • S$695 Early Bird (until 29 July 2022)
    • S$750 Regular
  • Upon completion, you will earn a digital badge and download your e-cert on the Credly platform we have partnered with.
  • SkillsFuture Credit Eligible & UTAP approved. If you wish to utilize your SkillsFuture Credits, please refer to the detailed instructions on the payment process.

    For more information, please refer to our FAQ here.

  • 1.6 ACE CECs | 0.7 NASM CEUs | 7.0 NCSF CEUs | 10 CoachSG CCEs

Here is why you need this course:

  1. Kettlebells are one of the the MOST POPULAR training tool in the industry! Learn how to use them proficiently and and obtain training results for your clients.
  2. Help your clients with more fat loss, gain strength, improve balance and increase power. Better results potentially mean more referrals!
  3. Stand out from your field with our certification and credential. WOW your clients and have steady income!
  4.  Learn how to get your hourly rate up by running small groups and semi-private training sessions

What to expect?

In Level 1: You will learn 15 Fundamental Kettlebell Exercises including the Swing, Clean, Press, Snatch, Turkish Get-up and Windmill. We will teach you sound progressions and regressions of the key lifts so you have exercises for all fitness levels to aid you in creating effective kettlebell training programs. Most importantly, we teach you how to break down every movement so you become a better coach. You will learn effective instructional and coaching cues.

In Level 2: This Advanced course is an extension to Level 1 where we build on the foundations. It will explode your array of exercises and will establish you as a Kettlebell Instructor. The exercises are challenging, fun and will add a ‘Wow’ factor to your training sessions.

The course includes the following:
Kettlebell Variations of Kettlebell Level 1 Movements
Kettlebell Clean and Jerk – The most technical of kettlebell exercises
Alternate Holds and Presses
Double Kettlebell Exercises
Exercises that will annihilate your core
Kettlebell programs that will add tremendous value to your business

What’s this course about?

This course is designed to teach fitness professionals and training enthusiasts the fundamentals concepts behind kettlebell training. There is particular emphasis on safety and the technical principles behind kettlebell lifting as this is fundamentally what goes wrong most of the time.

Who will benefit?

Fitness enthusiast, gym instructor, fitness instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructors, physical education teachers and general public.

What’s covered?

15 fundamental kettlebell exercises and variations in level 1 and plenty more in level 2
2 full days of practical and theory based training
Basic anatomy and breathing techniques as applied to kettlebell training
Learning the safety principles behind kettlebell lifting
Specific programming principles for beginners to advanced
History and background information to kettlebells
How to make kettlebell training safe and enjoyable
How to instruct clients via a step by step approach

Learning materials

FTI – Fundamentals of Kettlebell Level 1 & 2 Manual

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Dexter has trained with the best coaches in the world since 2011 – Steve Cotter, Sergei Merkulin, Sergey Rudnev, Igor Morozov & Valery Fedorenko. He is a certified kettlebell coach with the World Kettlebell Club (WKC), International Kettlebell Sports & Fitness Association (IKSFA) and Russian Girevoy Sport Institute (RGSI). He is now the Lead Educator for FTI Global’s ‘Fundamental of Kettlebell Level 1 & 2’ courses across most of Asia.

Having competed in the sport of kettlebell (Girevoy) on several occasions, Dexter was one of the pioneers who contributed to the popularity growth of training with kettlebells in Singapore. Dexter practices what he preaches, using kettlebells extensively with his clients, helping them train for strength, power & mobility. He has brought his knowledge and expertise regionally, including a sold out course in Karachi, Pakistan.


  • Asian Kettlebell Championship 2013 – 1st Place Snatch
  • AlphaFit Kettlebell Meet (Singapore), Jan 2021 – 1st Place Long Cycle
  • Singapore Kettlebell Championship 2021 – 1st Place Long Cycle

Assistant Educator

Kayleigh is trained and certified by Fitness Index – Kettlebell Training Specialist in 2020. She is a FIT Asia alumni, achieving her ACE-CPT through our Personal Trainer Development Program (PTDP) and is also Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified.

She recently participated in a local kettlebell meet in Jan 2021 and won her Long Cycle category under the coaching of Dexter. Her passion in kettlebell training is evident and she walks the talk with her performance.

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