Personal Trainer Practical Competency (PTPC) Training

Personal Trainer Practical Competency (PTPC) Training

This is a highly popular 3-days course which prepares students to be practically proficient in gym (machines and equipment) exercises and competent in the use of functional training tools:
– Kettlebells
– Suspended Fitness Trainers
– Battle Ropes
– Power Bags
– YBells

“I recently spent 4 weekends at FIT Asia to prepare for my ACE-CPT exam. I had an awesome experience from the professional, knowledgeable and passionate team!

The course structure and content is sound, the hands-on portion was eye-opening and Dexter is one of the best educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. I have many experiences with educators who either merely read from recycled PowerPoint slides, or give me the impression that they are “just doing a job”. This is absolutely not the case here.

I was engaged, encouraged to think and reflect, and felt welcomed and accepted even before I applied for the course. Honestly, what I gained from this experience is, in my humble opinion, much more than I paid for. As a customer/consumer, I’m not sure what else you can ask for. I look forward to returning in the future.” – Johannes Lee, March 2021


  • Date: 10-12 June 2021

    Days run from 9am to approximately 5-6 pm depending on what needs to be covered.

  • Up to 10 Coach SG CECs
  • Course fee: S$895
  • SkillsFuture Credit eligible & UTAP funding approved. If you wish to utilize your SkillsFuture Credits, please refer to the detailed instructions on the payment process.

    For more information, please refer to our FAQ here.

Upon completion of a 50-questions MCQ exam, you will be eligible to earn the FIT Asia Fitness Instructor credential and badge, if you do not possess any prior certification. If you are already a Certified Personal Trainer, you will receive the Personal Trainer Practical Competency certificate of completion and the Functional Tools Coach certificate.

Advance your education pathway and complete the ‘Greater Communication for Coaches‘ to earn yourself the FIT Asia Fitness Instructor (Advanced) credential and badge.

Students will also gain a sound understanding of instructional (Show-Tell-Do) and coaching cues, along with basic programming knowledge, aligned with the ACE-IFT model.

If you have taken your Certified Personal Trainer certification online, with little or no practical training, this is highly recommended. If you simply wish to sharpen and improve your presentation and delivery as an exercise/fitness professional, this is highly recommended too.





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Dexter is the Head of Training and Development of FIT Asia. He started his training career by setting up his own boutique training studio in 2011, after 3.5 years with Fitness First, as a Membership Manager and Assistant Club Manager. Since then, he has had consultancy experience managing gyms in the hospitality/tourism industry, with clients including Ritz Carlton Singapore, Pan Pacific Marina and Ramada @ Zhongshan.

His bespoke PT training space specialized in functional training tools – kettlebells, battle ropes, ViPR, power bags and suspended fitness training tools.

Dexter is currently a Master Trainer for FTI Australia and also the team lead for the Asia training faculty.

Assistant Educator

Kayleigh is trained and certified by Fitness Index – Kettlebell Training Specialist in 2020. She is a FIT Asia alumni, achieving her ACE-CPT through our Personal Trainer Development Program (PTDP) and is also Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified.

She recently participated in a local kettlebell meet in Jan 2021 and won her Long Cycle category under the coaching of Dexter. Her passion in kettlebell training is evident and she walks the talk with her performance.

PS: Kayleigh is also the Head of Business and Marketing of FIT Asia.

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