ZUU Bodyweight Training System


Although ZUU is considered the worlds hardest bodyweight training you will see people of all ages and fitness levels being involved in a ZUU class. ZUU is used in schools to teach kids fundamental movements that are fun to do while also building mental resilience and self confidence.

The reason ZUU can be used in such a broad spectrum of areas is we find an “entry point” for all people to start their journey. Just like in elite sports where players are carrying injuries, everyday people have the same problems that ZUU can improve. We do this in the same class so people feel included.

ZUU is also very simple to teach. There is no choreography to learn, nor are we rigid on the technicalities of body structure and positioning. We choose to focus on connecting people first and then getting them moving together as one. ZUU currently has ZUU Certified Partners delivering our simple and effective bodyweight training system in 70 countries.


  • The ZUU course is aimed at teaching fitness professionals the fundamental basics of ZUU bodyweight exercises and programming. They will also be instructed in high level people coaching skills to use with clients, small group training, classes, corporate setttings and education.
  • You will be learning from Nathan Helberg himself, the founder of Zuu!
  • Upcoming Live intake: 
    Date to be confirmed
    9am to 4pm (total of 6 hours)
  • Course fee: 
    Early Bird Rate: $365 
    Regular Rate: $465

Course Content

  • Opening workout
  • History of ZUU
  • Heritage of ZUU
  • 12 x ZUU fundamental exercises
  • Practical programming of exercises
  • How to deliver of a ZUU session
  • Learning to mirror your audience and why
  • Culture of ZUU
  • How to embed ZUU culture and why
  • Human connection and formations
  • Understand how ZUU builds mental resilience
  • How to become a ZUU Certified Partner

Overview of History of Zuu

Created in Australia by founder Nathan Helberg, ZUU earned this title from players in the top three elite sporting codes of Australian, the NRL – rugby league, AFL -Australian football and ARL – Super 15’s rugby. Doing pre-season training with them as a consultant the players realised how valuable and effective ZUU was for their strength, cardio, dynamic mobility and mental strength.

Coaches loved ZUU because although tough, Nathan’s focus was as much on the human connection and culture as it was the training which they knew would increase performance. ZUU is low impact which allowed coaches to push players harder knowing the risk of injury was decreasing.

ZUU then achieved the same results in military with Nathan partnering with the UK Royal Navy from 2013-2015. On top of the abpve benefits they loved how ZUU needed no equipment, coukld work in confined spaces of ships and submarines and reduced risk of injuries.

Another aspect of ZUU which is more important than the training itself is its focus on the human connection. ZUU creates a truly inclusive culture through the human touch bonding participants together in a meaningful way. When this happens individuals feel that sebse of belonging and work harder for their team mates. Nathan is an expert at teaching this having certified over 5000 personal trainers, coaches, PE teachers and physical training instructors since 2009.

From there it was a quick transition into the world of commercial fitness with the brand of ZUU partnering with Virgin Active clubs across Australia, Asia, UK and Italy. ZUU has gone on to partner with numerous top brands such as NFLfit clubs and Crunch Fitness in the USA.

Nathan has presented at some of the largest fitness conventions in the world from Rimini, Italy to IDEA World in Los Angeles. He was voted No.1 pre-conference and morning workout by attendeeds at the National Academy Of Sports Medicine (NASM) in Pheonix, Arizona USA in 2018 and agin in 2019.



Nathan Helberg

Proud father of 4.

Founder of The ZUU Fitness Brand.

Director of ZUU Global LLC.

Teaching open minded coaches the value of High Intensity Low Impact bodyweight training to increase physical and mental fitness. Decrease injury rates while increasing overall performance and culture.

Nominated No.1 pre-conference and morning workout by attendees at the National Academy Of Sports Medicine 2018-2019 OPTIMA Conference Phoenix, Arizona.

Consultant on High Intensity Low Impact Bodyweight Training to sports teams, armed forces and fitness chains including: AFL, NRL, ARU, RFU, RAF, Virgin Active, NFLfit, Crunch fitness.

Movement provider 2017-2018 NFLFIT clubs/Crunch corporate sites.

Movement ambassador for Virgin Active Health Clubs UK & Italy 2015-17

Consultant to UK RN 2013-15

Presenter/speaker – Rimini – London – LA – Miami – NY – Sydney – Singapore – Dubai