ASSA Maximising Running Performance

Learn how to maximise your running performance from award winning presenter Ranell Hobson.

From 800m to 42km’s learn everything you need to maximise your own and your clients’ performance. This course has something for everyone, from the Fitness professional to the Recreational runner, you will finish this two-day course with an understanding of the science, programming and practical competencies required to program for, and train runners to personal best performances.

You will be out in the field and on the gym floor during this course, practically experiencing and coaching EVERYTHING you and your athletes need to run faster not over time but by the end of the day!!!!


  • Educator Ranell Hobson is a Running Mechanics Specialist with over 20 years experience educating fitness professionals and has presented workshops and courses all over the world.
  • This 2-day course will give you the science, programming and practical competencies required to program for and train runners to personal best performances.
  • 1.2 ACE CECs | 1.4 NASM CEUs | 14 AFAA CEUs
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This course includes:

  • Course Manual
  • 5 Sample Training Programs 800-1500m, 5km, 10km, Half Marathon and Marathon
  • In Course Multiple Choice Exam
  • Certificate of Completion

Why Coaches & Athletes Need this Course:

  • Understand the physiology behind running to make well informed decisions in programming and planning
  • Learn the art of programming periodisation from race to race
  • Master the technique of running drills and decisions on which drill for which athlete
  • Identify running faults and make the right decisions on when and how to implement them
  • Create strength training sessions to build athleticism for superior performance
  • Learn about running mobilisation techniques required to decrease risk of running injures and maintain muscular integrity

What’s covered?

  • The science of running – physiological adaptations that enhance training and performance
  • Biomechanics of Running and Proper running technical drills
  • Running Economy, VO2Max, Lactate Threshold and Maximum Running Speed
  • How to beat Fatigue
  • Programming for Runners – including Distance Specific Programs
  • Strength training for runners
  • Mobilisation and Injury prevention
  • Running Nutrition
  • Psychological strategies to improve running performance

Day 1 – Course Outline

Running Physiology (Theory)Learn how the body changes, adapts, responds to various training stimuli. Understanding how specific training changes an athlete’s physiology, allows you to make more informed choices for your clients and get results faster. You will learn the optimal training for enhanced: Running Economy, Vo2 Max, Lactate Threshold, Maximum Speed and much more.

Biomechanics of Running (Theory) In this session you will learn how to identify inefficient running technique and contraindicated movements (which cause injury). We will watch videos of athletes running and of technical drills used for correction.

Running Technique (Practical) Following on from the previous session on the Biomechanics of Running. Participants will go through all of the drills used by the worlds best coaches to correct inefficiencies in running technique.

How to beat Fatigue (Discussion) This is a fun session where we will identify the causes of athlete fatigue and attach remedies to thwart or diminish fatigue in training, in competition and in the weekly unit.

Programming for Runners (Theory) Learn how to create a training unit that includes a variety of modes and methods. In this session we will discuss Hill training, Speed training, Cross training and Altitude training. We will learn how to make the best decisions on Frequency and Volume, Intensity, Work to Rest Ratio’s and Recovery.

Programming (Group Work) Using Case Studies, we will discuss and create blocks of programming using the information learnt in the previous session. Group work allows us to put our thinking caps on and share ideas with those around us.

Day 2 – Course Outline

Running Nutrition(Theory)Learn what to eat and when to eat it to fuel your best performance. Including in race fuelling, eating for endurance and speed and modifying body composition. We will also discuss the latest ergogenic aids for running.

Strength Training for Runners (Theory) You will come away from this session understanding the importance of strength training to performance and in reducing injuries. Examples of both gym and field-based strength training routines for runners will be given.

Strength Training (Practical) We will go into the gym and learn the most effective exercises to strengthen your body and your performance. Learn how to build resilience to injury, enhance ‘springiness’, reduce slack through postural integrity and build strength both indoors and out.

Psychological strategies for performance (Discussion) We will use this time, while our lunch is digesting to discuss the most effective methods to improving mindset, focus and racing resilience. Ideas towards mental preparation for both training and competition will be given.

Mobilisation and Injury prevention (Theory) Pelvic girdle (Hip) and Calf Complex (Lower leg) Complaints are common in runners and can delay the achievement of results or worse, keep runners off their feet due to injury. In this session we will look at the most common runners issues and how to regain the integrity of joint capsules, muscle and connective tissues. Keeping our muscles free from niggles and sore spots.

Mobilisation (Practical) An in depth, on the floor practical using techniques of: pressure waves, banded distraction, oscillation, flossing and PNF stretching to regain tissue integrity and health.

Multiple Choice Exam – In class open book exam for ACE accreditation points consisting of 40 MCQ


“It was great to meet you guys. Please reiterate to Ranell that I received some great feedback on the session, and that the department really enjoyed and took a lot from the workshop.”– Will Abbot – Brighton Hove Albion FC Academy

“I really enjoyed having you visit – the work is being implemented and sparked excellent discussions within the team which is great news for me.” – Alek Gross – Southampton FC Head of Academy.

“Ranell is an expert in speed” – Des Ryan, Arsenal FC Academy Head of Athletic Development

“I’ve heard she is the coach of my dreams” – mother of FNSW NPL1 u/18 female soccer player suffering recurring non-contact leg injuries.

“…really agree with everything you guys do” Darren Burgess, Former Head of High Performance Port Adelaide AFL, now Arsenal FC UK.

Sound principles and great application in team sports!” Lachlan Wilmot, Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach GWS Giants AFL, now Head of Athletic Development Parramatta Eels NRL

Ranell’s knowledge & application is phenomenal” James Baker, Aspire Academy Qatar, Child-to-Champion UK conference convenor.

A great workshopDes Ryan, Head of Sports Science, Arsenal FC Youth Academy

Ranell is at the forefront of youth sports development in Australia
Gary Raffety, Head Physiologist, Australian Youth Football Institute

If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Ranell’s speed workshops do not miss it
Jack Pullin, Manchester City FC Academy

Brilliant discussion and Practical workBrad Newton, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Adelaide Crows FC AFL.

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Ranell Hobson

MS (Sp. Coach); BA (Db Mj: Sp. Sci & Coach.); Grad Dip (Edu -VET); CSCS (NSCA); ASCA L2; ATFCA L3

Ranell is a 25 + year internationally acclaimed Sport & Fitness Industry leader and an award-winning presenter. Founder of the Academy of Sport Speed Australia (ASSA) she is a specialist Running and Strength coach for Sprint and Running sport athletes.

Ranell is a regular presenter at Strength & Conditioning and Fitness Conventions and has delivered her Running courses and Athlete clinics across Australia, the UK and Asia. Ranell works with sports players and running athletes across the globe and views her athletes continuous improvement and Personal Best Performances as her favourite achievements. An elite masters athlete in her own right, Ranell holds multiple State, National and Oceania titles in the Sprint events and is a previous World Record holder in the 4 x 100m relay.

Ranell was the Head Teacher of the Sport and Fitness Department for NSW TAFE for 20 years, responsible for educating countless Personal Trainers and Coaches that have gone on to highly successful careers. In 2019 she was honoured to be awarded the Australian Strength and Conditioning Assoc. Performance Development Coach of the Year.