Intro to Neuromuscular Conditioning

Course outline

This 1 day course is an introduction to Aaron Mattes modality of Active Isolated stretching (AIS) and muscle activation techniques.


You will start with assessment techniques to evaluate common postural asymmetries and their link to pain and dysfunction before moving on to building practical protocols to improve joint range of motion and function.


From an anatomical perspective you will be looking at:

The most common causes of pain and movement dysfunction as well as why compensation happens and how to correct or reverse it.

From a practical perspective:

Which muscles to stretch, which to foam roll, which typically   benefit from isolated activation techniques and which muscles respond best to strengthening exercises.


  • Learn assessment techniques, the most common causes of pain and movement dysfunction, how to use Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) to improve strength and increase ROM.
  • Delivered by Internationally renowned trainer and lecturer, Dr Kenny Wong
  • 0.8 ACE CEC’s
  • Course date is Sunday 13th June 2021, 9am to 6pm
  • Early Bird Price $349 (before 16/05/21) Regular Price $399

    *Please note that this course is not SkillsFuture credits /UTAP eligible.

Is this for you?

This is great program for trainers who have an interest in corrective exercise and improving human movement. The goal of this course is to introduce students to the benefits of a neuromuscular approach to stretching and give them a series of exercises and drills used by top athletic coaches. By the end of the day students will be able to recognise and reverse the two most common faulty or compensatory movement patterns that lead to pain and injuries.

We will also look at the benefits of stretching vs massage or foam rolling and why some muscles respond better to isolated activation techniques rather than compound strength exercises.

Course objectives

One skill that separates a great trainer from their peers is the ability to correct movement dysfunction to improve the quality of life for their clients! After the course students will be able to:

  • Assess basic movement and understand the muscle compensation patterns that lead to joint overloading and common injuries
  • Understand the science behind active assisted stretching and preform adequate stretching techniques on the 5 main muscle groups that affect posture and movement.
  • Build training programs to realign muscle tonicity and function
  • Provide remedial exercises to clients that help decompress joints and relieve pain.

Course structure

1 Day intro to AIS Program

9:00 Introduction to the course and lecturers & introduction to AIS – Who is Aaron Mattes? Why active – Why Isolated – Why Stretch? Why so many sport & training injuries? Principles of Biomechanics – Sherrington’s law: Neons 3 law of inertia: Davies’ lawIntroduction to Janda’s syndromes – Kyphosis, LordosisPostural evaluation techniques:

– The Grid Standing: Frontal and Sagittal prance analysis- The relevance of good posture in Seating, Standing, Sleeping positions and the limitations of corrective exercise

– Students to pair up and asses partners posture

10:00 Anatomy of the shoulder joint

10:30 Stretching techniques for the chest and shoulders

12:00 Strength and activation techniques for the upper body

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Anatomy of the hips and pelvis

14:30 Stretching techniques for the legs and hips

16:00 Strength and activation techniques for the lower body

17:30 Review & question

18:00 Certification

16:00 Strength and activation techniques for the lower body
17:30 Review & question
18:00 Certification

Kenny Profile

Fitness Educator

Dr Kenny Wong, Bsc, Dip RMT, MSc,DO

Kenny has a both a Doctorate of Osteopathy and a Masters degree in Exercise Science. His work has taken him around the globe and he has conducted workshops and training courses in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and more recently, in Singapore. His seminars focus on manual therapy and building effective training programs for performance and rehabilitation.