Behaviour Change Agent *SkillsFuture & UTAP*

Learn the Essential Skills of Powerful Communication

The Wellcoaches® Behaviour Change Agent course provides you with essential skills necessary for engaging and influential conversations – with clients, patients, colleagues and associates.

The six hour course (six modules – 1hr each) covers core competencies including the cultivation of connection, autonomy, self-compassion, positivity, motivation and confidence to help you shift the way you interact with others towards deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

Wellcoaches® Singapore can provide the course in a virtual or face-to-face group format (when travel restriction is lifted) with both modalities including a combination of teaching, individual reflection, group discussion and opportunities for skills development.

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Course Details

  • Learn from Australian psychologist and CEO of Wellcoaches Australia, Simon Matthews. Simon is also National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) certified.
  • Course Duration: 6-hours in total – 3 days of 2-hours each
  • Next intake: To be confirmed
  • Course Delivery: Virtual (Live on Zoom)
  • Course Fee: S$565
  • SkillsFuture Credit Eligible & UTAP approved. If you wish to utilize your SkillsFuture Credits, please refer to the detailed instructions on the payment process.

    For more information, please refer to our FAQ here.


Cultivate Connection
Presence, through the essential skills of connection and communication, is essential for both theprofessional and the client to maintain a meaningful relationship.

Cultivate Autonomy with the Coach Approach
We connect by employing the key being skills: calm, present, open, accepting, humble, warm, grateful. We communicate by employing the key doing skills: mindful listening, open-ended questions, reflections.

Cultivate Motivation
Positivity opens the door to identifying and leveraging motivation. A person’s motivation is the life force behind behaviour change – the underlying “why” that drives decisions.

Cultivate Positivity and Strengths
The backbone of successful behaviour change is efficacy. Efficacy begins with an acknowledgement of the person’s strengths, skills and capacities. Positive emotions also lead to creative thinking, innovation and a willingness to utilizes more resources in support of change.

Cultivate Self-Compassion and Relationship
The strength and quality of relationship with a healthcare provider is the most important determinant within your control of behavioural change. We build trust through acknowledgement of others as capable collaborators, for whom we have empathy (not pity) and compassion.

Cultivate Confidence and Readiness for Action
Mastery experiences, or successful experiments with behaviours, lead to long-term behaviour change.
Success begets success and through careful planning, with an awareness of readiness, people set themselves up for success.



Simon is a Psychologist and Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. He is Board Certified in Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine. He’s the CEO of Wellcoaches® Australia School of Health Coaching. Wellcoaches® trains health professionals to support their clients to achieve long lasting health behaviour change.

He is an Adjunct Lecturer at Avondale College University Lifestyle Medicine & HealthResearch Centre and is on teaching faculty with Wellcoaches USA. Simon is also Director of Coaching for First in Wellness LLC, whose mission is to improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of first responders. He’s the Chief Psychologist – Director of Program and Learning Development for Likevekt Helse, which equips Norwegian companies to support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

In addition, Simon is a Director of the US not-for profit Global Positive Health Institute, which seeks to support healthcare and other organisations by bringing together the disciplines of Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology. He is also a Director of the Australian not-for-profit Practice Excellence Institute which seeks to support health care organisations to provide high quality healthcare to their communities.

Simon consults nationally and internationally in the areas of health coaching, behaviour change, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine. He presents at national and international conferences on health coaching and the psychology of behavioural change. He has published and writes regularly about these topics also and is a popular podcast guest.

When not working, Simon also loves talking about his other passions as a pilot, barista, gardener and self-taught cook.