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  • Educator

Tarek is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Australian Institute of Kettlebells. In his own words:
“After years of training with Kettlebells , and after extensive research and training development, Dan and I developed Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training level 1. This fused my passion for fitness with a new found specialty in functional training.

I have been blessed to have had extensive training in Australia and internationally with kettlebell legend Vasily Ginko; MMA conditioning expert Joey Alvarado; Battling Ropes founder John Brookfield and Rehab expert Ulrik Larson During my time with AIK, I have co written and produced Kettlebells level 1 and 2; Fundamentals of MMA Conditioning level 1; assisted in our Kettlebells and Powerbags for Rehab Training and more recently co-produced our CrankIt Fitness Suspension Training/Kettlebells course. It is this knowledge and practicality that underpins AIK and I firmly believe that we practice what we preach and it all begins by practicing the most effective training methods the right way”!

Education & Qualifications:

  • Southern Cross University, Faculty of Health & Physical Activity in Nature and Mindfulness
  • Randwick Tafe, Diploma of Fitness, Health and Physical Education/Fitness
  • Langley Group, Diploma of Positive Psychology



  • Director & Co-founder of Functional Training Institute (FTI Australia)
  • Co-founder of Momentum 360
  • Author of “Purpose Driven Movement”
  • International Educator