Ray Loh

Brief profile

Ray is a senior clinical exercise physiologist overseeing patients with chronic diseases and disabilities that require clinical exercise supervision. His work duties also involve sports performance assessments such as maximal oxygen update test, running gait analysis and strength test using state of art equipment like indirect calorimetry and isokinetic dynamometers. In addition, he is a strength and conditioning coach for running and an exercise educator for local health organisations. He has been contributing articles and interviews for numerous local magazines and health and fitness TV programmes.

Education and qualification

Msc in Exercise and sports studies

Bsc in Sports and Exercise Scence

NSCA – Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Member of Golden-key International Honor Society

Sports and physical activities   

Ray’s main pursuit is in endurance sport with special interest in the biomechanics of running for efficient running and injury prevention. He is a vivid runner himself engaging in ultramarathons and multiday stage races. He trains every day and enjoys playing badminton and tennis with family and friends during weekends and holidays for fun and cross-training for running.

Food and Diet

He likes spicy food but do not follow any special dietary plan. However, due to the sport he engaged in, carbohydrates makes up a bigger percentage of his daily dietary intake. The most common food he preferred is fish and egg.