The Jungle – Ninja Fitness

As you know, Fit Singapore have recently introduced “Workout Wednesdays” where we kick our mid-week blues butt and get together as a team to enjoy a different fitness experience each week. So far we have tried strength and conditioning, Metafit, Kickboxing inspired group exercise, calisthenics, arial yoga and even completed the Beep Test!


This week our Education Manager Emillie and Marketing Manager Joanne took a trip off site to The Jungle gym, located at Boat Quay to take part in their Ninja Fitness Class. The Jungle is Singapore’s most exciting new gym, using mixed martial arts training (MMA), high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T), Muay Thai and specialist work-out classes to unleash the full potential of their clients. Their class schedule includes HIIT, Ninja Fitness, Muay Thai and Personal Training, as well as offering Corporate Wellness Programs. Although inspired by Mixed Marital Arts, The Jungle is not a machine gym, nor a “fight gym” but a family of fitness lovers, and close community helping each other develop and grow through functional training and personal training.


Co-Founders Alex Leung and Ross Campbell both completed their Certified Personal Training Certifications here at Fit Singapore and continue to join us for continued education workshops so it was great to now visit them in their very own gym! Ninja Fitness is 45-minute group class that includes Cardio Endurance, High Intensity, Core Conditioning and Body Resistance, to help you improve Strength Conditioning, Weight Loss,Cardiovascular Endurance and Coordination. Our Fit Team had a blast (literally) and came away buzzing from the intense 45 minute class.



“As someone who has no experience in combat sports, the class was eye opening to the intensity of their training and made me want to go back for more and improve my technique. As an endurance athlete I know the workouts will only improve my performance” – Emile


” I absolutely loved the Ninja Fitness Class for a full body conditioning workout with a fighting twist. Great to improve cardio, strength and overall fitness. I can’t wait to go back” – Joanne



With a team of fitness enthusiasts who are passionate about health and physical training, The Jungle have created an interactive, fun, friendly and energetic environment in Singapore where you can work with expert trainers and benefit from exceptional exercise programs. We definitely recommend you pay The Jungle a visit at their central Boat Quay location and find out for yourselves just how amazing your health, fitness and skills development can be, whilst having fun at the same time!


Want to try a sample of our workout?


*40 seconds on, 20 seconds off

Plank Jacks


Elbows to Hands

Mountain Climber (Knees Outside)


*1 minute on, 15 mins seconds off

Duck Walk

Crab Walk

Crouching Tiger (Bear Walk)

Bunny Hops


Would you like Fit Singapore to visit your gym or studio for Workout Wednesdays? If you have a new class you would like to test out or trainers who want to practice their skills then feel free to contact our team here or email and we would be happy to work with you.