What is the FIT Asia Mentorship?

The FIT Asia Mentorship is a hybrid fitness education course developed to bring you and your personal training business to the next level!

Our online learning platforms contain curated education materials bringing you up-to-date information and practical applications, designed to make learning self-paced and manageable.

Our practical sessions facilitate joining the dots of your learning and help you pick up immediately applicable tools that when deployed in your coaching practice will give your client superior results and enable you to stand apart from the generic modalities.

Our guided mentorship assessment helps reinforce your understanding of our content without undue stress and your mentor will provide quality feedback to continuously refine your personal training skill set.

What are you waiting for? Join us and elevate your fitness career to the next level!

Who is the Mentorship for?

Our Mentorship program is for anyone looking to develop themselves as a fitness coach through educating themselves on the latest exercise science knowledge and best practices to better serve your clients and yourself.

What will you be learning?

Our combined online materials are the products of an extensive list of presenters and contributors, including: Danny Lennon (Sigma Nutrition), Jake Linardon (Break Binge Eating), Chris Bryceson (CB Physiotherapy), Brian Minor (3DMJ), Mel Davis (Renaissance Periodisation) Nick Shaw (Renaissance Periodisation), Jacob Schepis (JPS), Martin Refalo (JPS), Samuel Schepis (JPS), Edward Say (FIT Asia), Melvyn Yeo and and more (Don’t recognise anyone? Search them online).

TacFit Class

The Mentorship Curricula consist of these respective modules

Under the JPS Online Mentorship Course Curriculum

Module 1 Coaching Fundamentals
Too often, coaches try to bypass the fundamentals without realising that they serve as the foundation for future success. For this reason, this module will teach you about some of the underappreciated fundamentals of elite coaching.

Module 2 Exercise Science
In this module, we will examine multiple areas of human physiology to provide you with a broad understanding of all the processes at work within the human body, as it pertains to health and fitness.

Module 3 Science of Nutrition
This module will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the science behind nutrition to ensure you understand what is required to influence change in your clients from a nutrition perspective.

Module 4 Psychology Theory
Understanding the basics of psychology can go a long way in your coaching career. In this module, you will learn about goal setting, behaviour change, body image and other important aspects of coaching psychology.

Module 5 Onboarding New Clients
This module will teach you about ways to structure your on-boarding process in aim of ensuring that new clients are welcomed to your services in a professional and streamlined manner.

Module 6 Teaching Movement
Understanding how to write a program is one thing, teaching someone how to move is another. This module will run through all you need to know to ensure you are able to teach and optimise movement on the gym floor.

Module 7 Training and Program Design
This module will cover important principles of training program design and their practical application, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of programming for various fitness outcomes.

Module 8 Business Management, Marketing & Growth
It is common for coaches to enter the industry being completely oblivious about the importance of business and marketing, as such, this module aims to teach you what you need to know to set your business up for success.

We’ve got your learning covered on all bases! These bonus lectures are here for you to work through at your own pace, and they are not mandatory. Focus on the primary content and get to these when your brain is hungry for more!

Under the FIT Asia Curriculum

Module 1 Modern Methods of enhancing Exercise Performance
This module will cover some of the methods used by personal trainers to improve the performance of their clients during a session. When effectively employed, these methods can lead to both short- and long-term benefits to the client, bringing them enhanced results.

Module 2 Autoregulation: Science and Practice
This module follows up on modern practice of autoregulation in resistance training, covering the evidence-based strategies used in experimental studies and also helping shape how trainers can apply these strategies to their clients, enabling them to perform their sessions based on how they currently are feeling and not based on outdated historical data.

Module 3 Resistance Training Systems
Commonly known as “intensity techniques”, resistance training systems are methods of programming that can be applied to improve the quality of training in addition to the fact that they offer unique individual benefits compared to traditional resistance training. This module covers several systems that are commonly employed by personal trainers, their evidence-base and how we can apply them immediately to our training.

Module 4 Periodization: Theory and Application
This module covers the often-misapplied strategy of periodization in resistance training; while traditionally used for competitive purposes, this strategy about training and time management can be applied to almost any personal trainer’s toolkit when they are dealing with achieving goals and results within a timeframe.

Module 5 Personal Trainer Business Management Skills
Personal training is your own business, especially as a freelancer. This module goes through several important skill management skills a personal trainer requires, such as communication skills, financial literacy, and handling sales.

FIT Asia Practical Class Structure

Practical 1: Warmups and Onboarding systems
This session focuses on the first session during onboarding and applying the principles of a good warmup to enhance client performance, leading to an enjoyable first session where the client can perform exercises to a sufficient intensity without incurring or aggravating injury, while providing the necessary data needed for the trainer to plan their personal training program in the future.

Practical 2: Resistance Training Systems and Autoregulation
This session covers the tools and strategies used in autoregulating resistance training and the common resistance training systems employed in gyms. By gaining firsthand experience in employing the systems across various exercises while concurrently applying the autoregulation strategies to them, trainers will be able to competently employ these strategies into their personal training sessions to produce enhanced client results.

Practical 3: Periodization and Training Program Design
This session covers the strategy of periodization and its phases and how the strategy can be applied across many settings. During this session, trainers will be able to tie the strategy of periodization into their skill of program design such that they can confidently begin their periodized training program guided assessment.

Practical 4: Sales and Communication Skills
This session provides trainers with the opportunity to practice their communication skills with active feedback to develop their ability to generate sales for their personal training business. Trainers can expect to be prepared to deal with various objection scenarios where they must try to make the sale of their services.


  • Practical 1 Warmups and Onboarding Systems – 27 Nov, 6.00pm – 7.30pm
  • Practical 2 Resistance Training Systems and Autoregulation – 4 Dec, 6.00pm – 7.30pm
  • Practical 3 Periodization and Training Program Design – 11 Dec, 6.00pm – 7.30pm
  • Practical 4 Sales and Communication Skills – 18 Dec, 6.00pm – 7.30pm


FIT Asia Mentorship (Alumni)

Next Practical Intake (Oct-Dec 2023)


  • 13 Online Modules
  • 4 Face-to-Face Practical Sessions
  • Access to Bonus content

Course Fee: $1699 $1499

  • Complimentary 2-Day ExPRO 2024 Pass worth $549
  • Includes 12-month ExPRO On-Demand Membership worth $249

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  • 13 Online Modules
  • 4 Face-to-Face Practical Sessions
  • Access to Bonus content
  • 3-Day Theory & Practical in “Science to Gym Floor” Face-to-Face Course

Course Fee: $2999 $2399

  • Complimentary 2-Day ExPRO 2024 Pass worth $549
  • Includes 12-month ExPRO On-Demand Membership worth $249

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FIT Asia Mentorship

Next Practical Intake (Oct-Dec 2023)


  • 13 Online Modules
  • 4 Face-to-Face Practical Sessions
  • Access to Bonus content

Course Fee: $1999 $1799

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  • 13 Online Modules
  • 4 Face-to-Face Practical Sessions
  • Access to Bonus content
  • 3-Day Theory & Practical in “Science to Gym Floor” Face-to-Face Course

Course Fee: $3299 $2699

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Can I earn CECs? (ACE, NASM, NCSF, etc)

We will be working on getting the Mentorship accredited and assigned CEC points, which will be updated once it is completed.

Is the Mentorship SkillsFuture applicable?

We will be working on getting the Mentorship integrated into SkillsFuture and being eligible for SkillsFuture credit claims.

What makes this course different from any other mentorship course out there?

Mentorships are built around a principal or singular mentor; with our collaboration with JPS Health and Fitness and our belief that a mentorship should not be constrained to the ideas and beliefs of a single individual, we have an evidence-based product that provides a solid foundation to exercise science learning and a mentor team that accommodates various specialisations. This way, our mentorship ensures that no matter what specialisation you fall under, you will be able to find the right person to help you with your growth in the industry and as a coach.

Payment plans: can I pay via instalment?

We have an instalment payment plan available, for more details, please submit an enquiry to us at info@fitasia.sg

Must I complete the mentorship within a certain time?

Access to the Mentorship materials on both learning platforms is lifetime, but we encourage that the Mentorship should be completed within a period of 7 months as outlined in our Mentorship Roadmap. This ensures you have sufficient time to self-pace learning the online materials, attend all the face-to-face practical sessions, and to complete the guided Mentorship assessment.

What happens if I miss a practical lesson?

Practical lessons are arranged based on the intake schedule; if you miss any practical lesson from one intake, we can arrange for your participation in the next intake’s lesson. However, mentees are advised to not miss practical lessons as their participation is required for the completion of the Mentorship program.

What if I fail to complete the assessment?

If the guided Mentorship assessment is not completed within the intended completion timeframe of a Mentorship intake (i.e., 7-month timeframe), the assessment can be reattempted again following discussion with the Mentorship management

How does the Combo package with JPS Science to Gym Floor Lvl 1 and 2 work?

Our Mentorship is a collaborative effort with JPS Health and Fitness; the JPS Science to Gym Floor is not only a good opportunity to interact and learn from international educators, but to experience what quality evidence-based coaching is like! Purchasing the Combo package will entitle you to participating in the JPS Science to Gym Floor Lvl 1 and 2 course when an intake opens up, giving you priority over other participants!

What qualifies as an alumnus of FIT Asia?

A FIT Asia Alumnus refers to a graduate of any of our face-to-face courses such as our Personal Trainer Development Program or Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 1 and 2.

Will I earn any certificates upon completion of the FIT Asia Mentorship Program?

We do not require any prerequisites to take part in the FIT Asia Mentorship Program! For everyone who completes the Mentorship Program, we will award a certificate of completion and attendance. Participants who have a valid Personal Training Certificate, such as the ACE certificate, will have the title of Fitness Coach awarded to them by FIT Asia. Participants who do not have a valid Personal Training Certificate will not be awarded the title of Fitness Coach.
*FIT Asia reserves the right to determine what is a valid Personal Training Certificate.