Training Clients with Lower Body Injuries

Course outline

Overuse injuries sustained due to  overexertion during training activities such as running, general free weight activities and group exercise classes are the most common among all injuries reported. Even after rehabilitation, numerous bio-mechanical studies have shown that movement abnormality still exists and may risk future injury recurrence.

This is where there Personal Trainer comes in. Implementation of injury prevention strategies and adequate physical fitness preparation is important to prevent injury occurrence and recurrence after rehabilitation. This course explains the hip-knee-ankle association of common lower limb injuries and the 4 training quadrants suitable for each stage of fitness and physical activity.


  • You will learn why adequate physical fitness preparation is important to prevent injury occurrence and recurrence post rehabilitation as well as understand the injury prevention strategies, programming and progressions for optimal performance.
  • Delivered by Exercise Physiologist, Athlete and Educator Ray Loh.
  • Read a blogpost from Ray on the topic of Training Clients with Lower Body Injuries HERE
  • 0.7 ACE CEC’s
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Is this for you?

Trainers, coaches and sport enthusiasts with some knowledge in functional anatomy can expect to learn with hands-on practice on how to systematically assess and identify the weaknesses and movement abnormalities and then programme strengthening exercises with progression accordingly.

Learning objectives

On completion of the workshops students will:

  • Have learned and understood the training principles for people with lower limb injuries
  • Understand the pathophysiological aspects of common lower limb injuries
  • Gained hands-on practice of the necessary lower limb functional assessments
  • Know how to design exercise programming and progression for people with lower limb injuries
Ray 3

Fitness Educator

Ray Loh

Ray is a senior clinical exercise physiologist overseeing patients with chronic diseases and disabilities that require clinical exercise supervision. His work duties also involve sports performance assessments such as maximal oxygen update test, running gait analysis and strength test using state of art equipment like indirect calorimetry and isokinetic dynamometers. In addition, he is a strength and conditioning coach for running and an exercise educator for local health organisations. He has been contributing articles and interviews for numerous local magazines and health and fitness TV programmes.
Ray’s main pursuit is in endurance sport with special interest in the biomechanics of running for efficient running and injury prevention. He is a vivid runner himself engaging in ultramarathons and multiday stage races. He trains every day and enjoys playing badminton and tennis with family and friends during weekends and holidays for fun and cross-training for running.