SERIES Core Flow™


Series Core Flow™ is a 30-minute high intensity training program for all fitness levels and ages. It fuses the elements of pilates, functional mobility training and high-intensity training.


  • Total Body Warm Up
  • Four (4) rounds using moves from Pilates, functional mobility techniques and plyo/isometric elements
  • Core Challenge
  • Cool-down to relax the mind and body

Once you successfully complete the course, you will get unlimited access to the Series Fitness website where you can find a selection of exercises to include in your classes.

You will also receive a FREE 6-month access to the Series Fitness App where you will receive a monthly new full workout video inclusive of choreography notes.

After the 6 months, if you wish to subscribe, the cost is $SG60 for 6 months or $SG100 for 1 year.

Is this course for you?

This workshop is open to fitness professionals and private fitness enthusiasts alike. There are no pre- requisites, although interest in anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and training regimes would be highly recommended. Fitness professionals (e.g. small group instructors, personal trainers) will be able to add another program to their toolbox.


  • Get free unlimited access to the Series Fitness website and a FREE 6-month access to the Series Fitness App
  • 0.6 ACE CEC’s
  • Next Course: Sunday 25th April 2021
  • $350 (Early Bird Special until 28th March) Regular Price $450
    COMBO Core Flow + Strength just $650 (Early Bird before 28th March) Regular Price $750


  • Principles of Calisthenics

    You will learn the principles of calisthenics, a form of exercise that makes full use of your own weight to help you workout different parts of your body.

  • Pilates Elements

    You will discover the principles of Pilates, learning how its basic exercises and breathing techniques work together in a holistic workout based on a set of core principles.

  • Six Core Principles

    You will learn about the six core principles: Concentration, Control, Center(ing), Flow, Precision and Breathing

  • Functional Mobility Training

    We focus on daily life. Learn about the principles of functional mobility and how primal movements can be partnered with Pilates exercises to create a seamless flow of movement.

  • HIIT Elements: Plyo and Isometric moves add intensity

    You will understand the scientific techniques used in our program and how it is structured, learning how we use core stability, plyo-and isometric exercises to achieve the high-intensity interval training element.

  • Pre-Choreographed Videos

    Find out how pre-choreography ensures a consistent application of training techniques, while our intensive coaching and support materials will never leave you unprepared.

  • Music

    See how music plays a vital role in our program and what to consider.

Fitness Educator

Esteban Merchán

Esteban Merchán is from Colombia and has over 16 years experience in the international fitness industry. He lived in Asia for six years, teaching in exclusive clubs California Fitness (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) and Pure Fitness (Singapore). Esteban runs Gimnasio Universal in Barranquilla – Colombia’s first gym to offer functional training, cross-training and T3 HIIT classes. He is a certified instructor for Tabata, Kettlebells, TRX and Pilates. Esteban is a former Les Mills national presenter and trainer of trainers for BODYATTACK™ . He is also a licensed instructor for BODYATTACK™ , BODYPUMP™ , RPM™ , GRIT™ , CX WORX™ , BODYSTEP™ and BODYBALANCE™/BODYFLOW™. Esteban represents TRAINFITNESS in South America as their Education Manager, delivering T3 and fx workshops via Barranquilla’s Escuela de la Capacitacion para el Acondicionamiento Fisico (ECAF). He also offers Australia’s Functional Training Institute (FTI) courses in South America.