ASSA Seniors Strength & Conditioning

Join award winning Fitness Industry educator Ranell Hobson for two days of Strength and Conditioning for seniors.

From the very frail to the senior elite, learn everything you need to create physically fit, strong, mobile and stable senior clients. This is a Practical course that compliments the Senior Fitness Specialist Theory course. Participants will spend one day in each discipline (Strength Training and Cardiovascular Conditioning) developing practical strategies to maximise training adaptations for Senior clients.


  • Course Manual
  • 6 Sample Training Programs. 1 each of Strength and Cardio-respiratory conditioning in each category of Low functioning, Higher functioning and Physically Elite Senior.
  • In Course Practical Assessment
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Educator Ranell Hobson is an award-winning teacher and presenter who has been delivering courses and workshops to Fitness Industry Professionals for over 20 years.
  • This 2-DAY Course will give you the practicals skills and knowledge to move forward with confidence in writing and delivering programs to Senior clients at any level of physical competence
  • Next Intake: 13 & 14 August 2022, 9am to 5pm

    Live face to face with Ranell Hobson in Singapore!

  • Early Bird Price: $575 (ends on 2 July 2022)

    Regular Price: $675

  • SkillsFuture Credit Eligible & UTAP approved. If you wish to utilize your SkillsFuture Credits, please refer to the detailed instructions on the payment process.

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  • 1.4 ACE CEC’s

DAY 1 – Strength Training for Seniors

As Fitness Industry professionals we know that everyone can benefit from lifting weights, older adults can reap even more benefits, giving them a stronger, healthier body. Increasing their musculoskeletal strength helps them avoid injuries, falls, pain, and other issues associated with ageing.In this one-day Strength for Seniors course you will learn a full range of exercise progressions in all 6 key functional movements to provide the best specialized one-on-one training for older adults ranging from the frail to the athletic.


  • Assessments as Exercises Patterns for Competency and Confidence
  • Exercises to improve Stability & Balance and reduce the risk of falls
  • Exercise progressions for the Lower Body in the Physically Frail to the Physical Elite in all three functional movement patterns (Squat, Lunge and Hinge, Push, Press and Pull)
  • Exercise progressions for the Upper Body in the Physically Frail to the Physical Elite in all three functional movement patterns (Push, Press and Pull)
  • Maintaining Muscle-tissue Integrity and Improving Range of Motion for Enhanced Mobility

DAY 2 – Cardio-Respiratory Training for Senior

Cardio respiratory health is the key to all other factors of well being, increasing mitochondria number and size, increasing capillarisation throughout the tissues of the body and increasing the strength of the heart musculature positively impacts our quality of life providing us with energy and vigor. In this one day focus on Cardiorespiratory training for seniors you will be provided with a large bank of modalities to train your Senior Clients. Using case studies and working in groups you will build competencies in delivering fusion, fartlek, interval, continuous and simple set sessions in both aerobic and anaerobic systems.


  • Programming and Planning for the 4 Phases in the ACE Model of Cardiorespiratory Training
  • Body weight based Cardiorespiratory training
  • Aerobic Base Training Exercises & Programs
  • Aerobic Efficiency Training Exercises & Programs
  • Anaerobic Endurance Training Exercises and Programs
  • Modes of Training – Steady State, Intervals and Fartlek

Fitness Educator

Ranell Hobson

MS (Sp. Coach); BA (Db Mj: Sp. Sci & Coach.); Grad Dip (Edu -VET); CSCS (NSCA); ASCA L2; ATFCA L3

Ranell is a 25 + year internationally acclaimed Sport & Fitness Industry leader and an award-winning presenter. Founder of the Academy of Sport Speed Australia (ASSA) she is a specialist Running and Strength coach for Sprint and Running sport athletes.

Ranell is a regular presenter at Strength & Conditioning and Fitness Conventions and has delivered her Running courses and Athlete clinics across Australia, the UK and Asia. Ranell works with sports players and running athletes across the globe and views her athletes continuous improvement and Personal Best Performances as her favourite achievements. An elite masters athlete in her own right, Ranell holds multiple State, National and Oceania titles in the Sprint events and is a previous World Record holder in the 4 x 100m relay.

Ranell was the Head Teacher of the Sport and Fitness Department for NSW TAFE for 20 years, responsible for educating countless Personal Trainers and Coaches that have gone on to highly successful careers. In 2019 she was honoured to be awarded the Australian Strength and Conditioning Assoc. Performance Development Coach of the Year.