Master Functional Trainer

Master Functional Trainer (MFT)

Are you looking for an all-encompassing program that will inspire you to apply knowledge, master movement and create change? In a competitive industry, are you looking for a point of difference and want to be an expert in Functional training? If so then look no further than the Master Functional Trainer program. The most comprehensive system in the world that will help you stand out as an industry leader, in training and transformation.


The Master Functional Trainer certification comprises a 3 stage process which the trainer/coach completes to gain a status as an expert in the field of functional training. Giving you access to pre-course online materials, modules and reference tools, the MFT certification will give you the edge when it comes to implementing a successful training model for your client and will help you to grow your business with proven training principles.


  • Access to over 60 hours of content online 8 Certifications, with 12 months access. Note: You can pay $AUD 100 to extend access beyond 12 months.
  • Do you want to be an expert in Functional training? If so then look no further than the Master Functional Trainer program. The most comprehensive system in the world that will help you stand out as an industry leader.
  • Learn from International Presenter, Author and Co-Founder of Functional Training Institute (Australis) Tarek Chouja.
  • The Hybrid Master Functional Trainer Course is worth a massive 2.1 ACE CEC’s

    ACE Certification pending for 100% online version

  • IMPORTANT LIVE Course dates 3-4-5 July 2020 CANCELLED

    NOW 100% ONLINE

    Next online intake starting September 5th for 7 weeks

    Live dates to be announced later this year

  • Special Price SGD 1400 Regular Price SGD 1750

Hybrid MFT (Dates for next intake to be confirmed later in 2020)

Stage 1 – ‘Functional Trainer level 1’ (ONLINE)

Our Functional Trainer Level 1 is a stand alone certification or is the first step of the full MFT program. In this online course we cover Functional Anatomy, Client Screening, Functional Mobility, Suspended Fitness, Functional Bags, Kettlebells Level 1 and 2 and Battling Ropes. Functional Trainer Level 1 is all online on our world class Canvas platform.

You begin the MFT by taking the stage 1 ‘Functional Trainer level 1’ online courses. This is a series of 8 fully accredited courses. They are:

  • Functional Anatomy
  • Client Screening
  • Functional Mobility
  • Suspended fFtness
  • Functional Bags
  • Kettlebells level 1
  • Kettlebells level 2
  • Battling Ropes

All of these modules will be completed through our world class education platform designed for best education practice

Stage 2 – ‘Functional Trainer level 2’ (FACE TO FACE)

This is the practical application of your Functional Trainer Level 1 knowledge and in these three days we spend a half day each on Mobility, Suspended Fitness, Functional Bags, Kettlebells 1&2 and Battling Ropes. You will be immersed in the systems, science and methodologies as we focus on the hands on, practical aspects of the program as follows:

 Day 1

  • Introduction to the MFT program
  • Mobility integration – restore function and movement
  • Suspended fitness – bodyweight application
  • Practical assessment

Day 2

  • Functional bags – Strength foundations
  • Kettlebells level 1 – Integrating stability, strength and power
  • Practical assessment

Day 3

  • Kettlebells level 2 – Advanced strength concepts
  • Battling ropes – integrating complex functional patterns
  • Wrap up and assessment

Stage 3 – Master Functional Trainer (ONLINE)


The final part of the journey in order to complete the program and become a Master functional trainer is our stage 3 level. Here we cover:

Theoretical foundations:

–       Module 3 – Coaching and mindset

–       Module 4 – Functional Programming


–       20 case study questions

–       Movement mastery. This is 2 short videos covering competency in:

Kettlebell snatch – 5 minutes

Battling rope waves – 5 minutes

Once you have completed stage 3 it will be assessed by our team and if successful you will get access to:

  • MFT Framed certificate
  • MFT website listing
  • MFT Accredited logo
  • Access to the FB tribe group (You get access to this from when you join the program)

Bonus module! – Game Changer Business essentials

This Program I delivered and certified with Functional Training Institute (Australia)who know the importance of technical mastery and the need for quality education. Over the years they have also realised that in order to truly succeed, an understanding of how you implement the program to make it viable and a success is crucial. This is why FTI have added in this bonus business module.

The MFT Program is designed to empower and inspire you to become an industry leader. You will witness incredible change in your business by simply implementing the strategies taught within this program. If you want to become part of the MFT movement and stand out from the crowd sign up online today or contact our team info@fitasia.sg for more information.