Kettlebell Level 3 (Certified Kettlebell Trainer)

This course is designed especially for students who have completed our Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 1 & 2 and wish to take the next step certifying to be a competent Certified Kettlebell Trainer.

Unlike Level 1 & 2, this 1-day intensive course requires preparation prior to attending, as you will be assessed individually on your Kettlebell lifts’ proficiency and pass a fitness assessment. For non-alumni, you will be required to submit a video of yourself performing the single Kettlebell Snatch for 2-min and double Kettlebell Long Cycle for 2-minutes – 12kg for females and 16kg for males.

Your eligibility to participate in this advanced course will then be determined by our Head of Training & Development & Kettlebell Coach, based on your technique and current proficiency.

Another area of focus in this 1-day training is the ability to demonstrate effective communication and coaching cues.


  • Learn from experienced kettlebells sport competitor and educator, Dexter Jemuel Tay and refine your technique, to certify and become a Kettlebell Trainer.
  • Date: 21 May 2021
  • Time: 9am to 6pm
  • Course Fee:
    S$295 (FIT Asia alumni)
    S$350 (non-alumni)
  • Note:
    This course is NOT UTAP approved and NOT SkillsFuture Credits eligible.

– Certified Personal Trainer certificate preferred – ACE, NSCA, NASM, FISAF, NCSF etc (Valid and Active)

– Video submission (for non-alumni & non-CPT)


Fitness Assessment (at the end of the course):
– 5-min Single Arm KB Snatch (min 50 reps)
– 5-min Double KB Long Cycle (min 35 reps)
– 12kg for females, 16kg for males


Note: Successful completion of the assessment is required for students to earn the credential and badge. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt, students have 3-months to train up and submit a video of yourself attempting the lifts. Details on video submission will be provided, when necessary.

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Fitness Educator


Dexter was the winner for the ‘Snatch’ event at the Asian Kettlebell Championship in 2013. He has trained with the best coaches in the world since 2011 – Steve Cotter, Sergei Merkulin, Sergey Rudnev, Igor Morozov & Valery Fedorenko. He is a certified kettlebell coach with the World Kettlebell Club (WKC), International Kettlebell Sports & Fitness Association (IKSFA) and Russian Girevoy Sport Institute (RGSI).

Having competed in the sport of kettlebell (Girevoy) on several occasions, Dexter was one of the pioneers who contributed to the popularity growth of training with kettlebells in Singapore. Dexter practices what he preaches, using kettlebells extensively with his clients, helping them train for strength, power & mobility. He has brought his knowledge and expertise regionally, including a sold out course in Karachi, Pakistan.
Dexter recently stepped back onto the competition platform in Jan 2021 and won his event in the 16kg Long Cycle, in a local meet.