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IGNITE YOUR BURN (IYB) is Singapore’s very own, internationally endorsed, globally accredited group fitness conditioning program designed with coaches and participants in mind!

IYB’s exercise programming creatively combined 4 science and research-based fitness protocols into a single workout.

– Peripheral Heart Action Training


– Active Recovery

– Heart Rate Zones Training


IYB carefully weaves strength training, HIIT, movement prep and mobility movements that let you burn maximum calories (up to 660 calories in under 45mins), improves cardiovascular health, build lean and tone muscles, improves stamina and at an intensity that is personalized to the participants!

IYB Coaches can conduct the class with ANY or NO equipment, Indoor or Outdoor (even in the pool) or Hybrid class.

In this 18-hour course, the group fitness instructor / personal trainer will learn the 4 fitness protocols in greater depths, the exercise programming principle behind IYB, and the 8 features that makes IYB uniquely different from other group fitness program. On top of these, you will also learn basic exercise programming considerations for special populations. (You got that right! IYB can be taught to special populations too)

Click here for IYB’s recruitment video!

What do I get?

  • Two (2) Intensive full-day live workshop (9hrs each)
  • Instructor manual with sample exercises to implement according to the program
  • 1 IGNITE YOUR BURN Music Playlist with coaching commands embedded from start to finish
  • Complimentary upon your registration:

    1 Instructor T-Shirts or Tank Top for each participant
    2 pcs of MyZone latest model SWITCH Heart Rate Monitor (worth $450)
    Coaches Subscriptions for 2 months (worth $30)

  • CEC’s as follows:

    • ACE – 1.2
    • NASM – 1.6
    • AFAA – 15
  • Next intake: 3-4 December 2022, 9am to 5pm
  • Early Bird Price: $575 (until 6 November 2022)

    Regular Price: $650

  • Eligible for SkillsFuture & UTAP claims

    For more information, please refer to our FAQ here.

  • Prerequisites:

    • Current Internationally recognized Group Fitness or Personal Training Certification such as ACE, NASM, AFAA or etc.
    • Valid CPR & AED Certificate.

IYB is suitable for Personal Trainers who are contemplating to expand their services into group fitness but maybe deter by the misperception that group fitness is all about dance OR that group fitness can’t be apply to personal training OR group fitness caged them in and doesn’t allow them to develop their own exercises or etc.

IYB is ideal for Group Fitness Coaches who have no more time to learn new choreography OR who want to teach circuit or bootcamp style of group training but find these are lacking in musicality OR are limited to only 1 environment to conduct the class OR they want good support post certification OR they are limited in where they can teach due to licensing issues OR finds that the monthly investment to be part of the program doesn’t justify the value given or etc.

If any of the above resonates with you, IYB would like to invite you to be part of the tribe of Ignite Your Burn Certified Coaches! A tribe that prioritizes participants’ sustainability in fitness and health!



Jonathan Goh

Winner of the Asia Fitness Idol 2018, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, BodyPump Instructor and Master Trainer for MASHUP® Conditioning and Creator of IGNITE YOUR BURN.

As a FitPro with Virgin Active Singapore, he was nominated twice for “PT of The Year” in Virgin Active Star Awards 2018 and in 2019; created a group fitness program named “Suspension Circuit” which quickly became very popular among its members. Being a hybrid/progressive trainer, his found his niche in movement and flow training using functional equipment like ViPR / Kettlebells; martial arts (Muay Thai and TaiChi) which include strength, endurance, and cardiovascular training in every workout.

His philosophy – Use movement to improve Resiliency, Longevity and Sustainability by training the human body according to its intended design.
To be his personal best as a personal/group fitness trainer, he has attended many fitness conferences and fitness courses, locally, abroad and online, to learn from the best in their field to remain on the top of his games.
He is also a regular Presenter in various local and international fitness conferences.


Shawn Quck

ACE Personal Trainer, NAFC Group Fitness Instructor, Exercise is Medicine Singapore Allied Health and Fitness Professional , Master Trainer for T30 Training Group Fitness Programmes, Fatburn and GameFit, Educator and Master Trainer for International Group Fitness Academy’s Nutrition and Diet Division, Presenter for Interactive Fitness Trainers of America’s Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer certification workshops and Cofounder of IGNITE YOUR BURN.

Came into the fitness industry by “accident” after many years working in research in behavioral neuropharmacology and aquaculture. He soon found his passion in fitness training and fitness education, thus leading to pursue a Specialist Diploma in Nutrition and Exercise Science.

Started his fitness career with F45 Training in 2016 and is now a freelance personal trainer and group fitness instructor serving the community and private enterprises. He has been a familiar face to the community physical activities programmes initiated by the Health Promotion Board. In recent years, he is very involved with working doctors and their patients in providing lifestyle modification coaching to improve chronic disease through his newly founded company, NE Specialist Pte Ltd.

His training philosophy revolves around creativity, efficiency, safety and fun to keep clients challenged and motivated.

As a strong believer in constant learning and innovation, he has attended many fitness, sports science and sports medicine conferences and courses locally, abroad and online to be relevant in the field. He is also a regular speaker for local and oversea fitness, wellness and nutrition conferences and webinars. Beside his fitness credentials, he is also a Certified Active Lifestyle Motivation Coach and a Certified Mental Wellness Coach and Facilitator.



Samantha D’cruz

Sammy is a qualified Personal Trainer with NCSF since 2018, Pre / Post Natal Certified Trainer, Fatburn Extreme Instructor, Piloxing Instructor and Ignite Your Burn Master Trainer.

She is incredibly passionate about helping people transform their bodies into what they want to see in the mirror each morning, this means different things to different people, it could be dropping inches around the waist to better clothes better, increasing lean muscle mass or working on improving medical indices such as cholesterol, BMI or visceral fat levels, she will work with you to achieve your own personal goals.

Her journey into fitness started when she went through personal health challenges. A few years when she was overweight, out of shape and unhappy with her physical and mental wellbeing. Losing over 30lbs (15kg) she fell in love with the process and wanted to share this with others this new lifestyle and career and is now working full time in the fitness industry with individuals, groups. She is also qualified in Pre / Post Natal training.

People describe Sammy as a very happy, bubbly, high energy and motivating person, she likes to get involved and workout with clients where possible. “We are in this journey together and share the each other successes”
I’m Eurasian by background, happily working with foreign and local clients. I speak English, Chinese, Malay and some Bahasa.