Functional Fitness for Pregnancy and Post Partum

Functional Fitness for Pregnancy and Post Partum is the complete pre and post natal training package for fitness professionals working with women throughout their pregnancies, return to exercise and motherhood journeys. Perfect for the trainer or Coach specialising in functional fitness, strength and conditioning, hybrid and CrossFit style, small group and 1-1 training modalities!


  • Learn from Brooke, an expert in pre and post natal fitness and nutrition. Brooke was awarded the title of 2022 AusActive Educator of the year!

    Brooke has been educating and empowering women, and fitness professionals working with women on nutrition and exercise throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

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  • 1.3 ACE CEC’s
  • Course fee: 

    S$725 – Early Bird 

    S$775 – Regular

  • Eligible for SkillsFuture and UTAP claims

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This course will educate and empower you to help your clients feel safe, supported, and empowered to continue a suitable and specific for pregnancy and the post natal training, in a way that they enjoy the training and you enjoy coaching them. You will gain the clarity and confidence that you need, and that your clients seek on safe, effective and enjoyable exercise during the pre and post natal periods. Walk away with the tools and knowledge you need to safely and effectively screen, program, modify, support, and empower your clients during pregnancy and motherhood to optimise both their mental and physical wellbeing.

The course comprises of two main parts: PREGNANCY & POST PARTUM. Safe, specific and suitable exercise during pregnancy for all stages and consideration and helping your client beat the pre-baby body rush and return to exercise safely.

Together we can educate and empower women EVERYWHERE to have a healthy, active pregnancy and beyond! Here’s to having more amazing Fitness Professionals out there helping to provide clarity and confidence to their pre and post natal clients!

Course Objectives

  1. Understand the goal as a trainer of pre and post natal women, identify the benefits of exercise during these periods and considerations for exercise at each stage of pregnancy and postpartum recovery.
  2. Demonstrate sound understanding of the mechanics behind diastasis recti, how pregnancy and post partum impacts the pelvic floor and key considerations for these. Ability to understand a clients birth story, assess and screen (within scope) pelvic floor and abdominal health, risk factors and assist in identifying signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis recti.
  3. Identify the key questions that need to be asked of pregnant and post partum clients (regardless of child/ren age) gaining the knowledge to assess, design, demonstrate and implement safe, effective & appropriate resistance and cardio based training sessions for pregnant and postpartum women.
  4. Identify and implement other key factors in successful coaching of women throughout pregnancy and motherhood; mindset, nutrition and sleep. Adapt and develop holistic programming to suit, support, and empower clients during pregnancy and motherhood, to maximise both their mental and physical wellbeing.



Brooke Turner, founder of Balance Fitness and Nutrition with 13 years in the health and fitness industry. Brooke is an international health and fitness speaker and published writer, educator, a qualified nutritionist, exercise and sports scientist, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is also a mother of three.

Brooke specialises in pre and post natal exercise and nutrition and has trained over 300 women in various stages of conception, pregnancy and post partum journeys both online and face to face, from single, twin and high risk quad pregnancies.

Brooke has experienced first hand the physical and emotional challenges that come with the pre and postnatal periods and motherhood in general, being part of her motivation to create this course.

Brooke believes that women CAN still train with intensity during pregnancy and post partum. They CAN still train in a way that they enjoy, and that you as Fitness Professionals CAN still coach in a way that you love. It is all relative and simply needs to be ADAPTED to be safe, suitable, and specific, offering appropriate alternatives always.