What is ph360

ph360 are the leading education and technology providers in personalised health and epigenetics for personal trainers, allied health and medical professionals who are looking for a more individualised and complete answer to their clients health and fitness goals.

When it comes to health, there is no one-size-fits-all. Each person is unique and as a result, will need something completely different to live their true potential. And through a simple non-invasive assessment with ph360 technology, the leading epigenetics-based lifestyle platform, health and fitness professionals now have practical and easy access to a level of insight on their clients like never before.

From personalised nutrition insights, exercise timing and type for best response through to an understanding of the biology behind client behaviours and mindset. Health and Fitness Pro’s can now take personalised health and fitness to the next level, ​with evidence-based lifestyle programs and coaching tools designed around each client’s genetic expression,​ ​built on more than 100 years of combined medical research.

What do I get?

  • Online Pre-Course Learning
  • 2 Days live face to face learning
    Next intake in Singapore: 31st March – 1st April 2020, 8.30am to 6.30pm on Day 1 and 9am to 5.30pm on Day 2
  • 6 weeks of Online Study including weekly live webinars
  • Certificate of completion “Endorsed Personalised Health Coach” after final assessment
  • Live mentoring to assist you in using Personalised Health with your clients
  • Ongoing training, support and development in personalised exercise prescription, nutrition, coaching and business as you continue on your personalised health professional journey (at no extra cost!).
  • TBA ACE CEC’s | TBA NASM CEU’s | 15 CEC’s Fitness Australia | 20 NZ REPS
  • Super Early Bird: $949, limited to the first five (5) participants to register!
    Early Bird $1349 (before 1 March 2020), Regular Price $1999

How does the ph360 engine work?

In a simple 30-minute non-invasive assessment performed by the trainer, the ph360 platform captures 10,000 data points and 500 ratios to calculate your clients genetic expression, ‘HealthType’ and personalised health program, all within a web and phone based app. Insights will inform both trainer and client as to the most effective lifestyle choices to achieve optimal results. And importantly, the best way to support their behaviours long term, through an understanding of motivation and communication, all based on each person’s unique biology. This evidence-based algorithm has been put together by leading researchers and doctors in the field over the last 15 years and is used in over 120 countries around the world by the general population and health professionals from personal trainers through to medical doctors.

What is the ph360 Mastery Series?

Short online pre-course learning
2-days face to face workshop
6-weeks online post-course learning (including weekly live webinars)

The mastery series is a professional development course designed for personal trainers of all levels looking to eliminate the guesswork and clear the confusion when it comes to knowing what is needed to get consistent results with their clients. Through the application of personalised health and epigenetics, the mastery series has been designed for health and fitness professionals to uncover a deeper understanding of their clients unique physiology, biology, behavioural predispositions and more. Importantly, those undertaking this education will learn how to develop the skill set and ability to simply and non-invasively assess their clients unique phenotype to deliver an individualised lifestyle plan and coaching service that provides consistent results and long-lasting retention within their business.


●  Identify the different sciences that can influence a person’s unique development (including the links between anthropometry, embryology, endocrinology)

●  Identify the difference between genotype and phenotype in respect to personalised health outcomes

●  Understand how lifestyle and environmental factors affect gene expression

●  Become well-versed in how to assess a client’s individual phenotype through technology based assessments

●  Discover the 6 major HealthTypes and the specific lifestyle and environmental needs for each to create truly personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programs

●  Understand how to effectively coach behaviour change to the 6 major types

●  Know how to apply different coaching strategies, language to the 6 major types

●  Implement effective business strategies into your business model, how to include ph360 health coaching, assessments and integrate the ph360 technology into your current practice.

●  Understand the importance of natural strengths, scope of practice and working in collaboration through referral networks with leading health professionals in the personalised health network

Who is a ph360 trained personal trainer?

A ph360 trained health professional specialises in an integrated and completely personalised approach to health. By understanding the relationship between specific biomarkers on the human body with hormonal and genetic development, as well as training in anthropometric assessment and phenotypology. A ph360 Health professional is able to work with clients, in a way that meets their unique physical, mental and emotional needs. Helping to piece together and put into action, a very specific ph360 nutrition, exercise and lifestyle program. All tailored to the clients unique biology.

Ph360 health coaches are the leading the way in personalised health and undertake continual development through the ph360 educational program to ensure they are ahead of the game with the latest research and science in the personalised health space.

Course Breakdown

Day 1
8.15-8.30am: Registration
8.30-9.15am: Purpose + Genius = Flow


9.30-10.30am: ph360 Science part 1- Epigenetics and the links between Anthropometry, Endocrinology and Embryology

10.30-11.30am: Learning the ph360 assessment and measuring phenotypes
11.30-12.30pm: ph360 Science part 2- Chronobiology and the biology of behaviours Lunch
1.30-2.30pm: Understanding and navigating the ph360 platform
2.30-3.30pm- Personalised results and Coaching different HealthTypes part 1


3.45-6.30pm:Personalised results and Coaching different HealthTypes part 2

Day 2
9am-10.30am: Personalised results and Coaching different HealthTypes part 3


10.45am-12.30pm: Personalised results and Coaching different HealthTypes part 4Lunch
1.30-2.30pm: How to set up your ph360 business
2.30-3.30pm: Initial assessment and consultation practical


3.45-4.45pm: Running a personalised coaching session practical
4.45-5.30pm: 6 Week course prep and where to from here

bio pic Kyle


Kyle Riley

International lead educator and managing director of ph360 health professionals on the world’s leading personalised health coaching program. With a degree in exercise science and over 10 years experience working in all areas of the fitness industry, from small/large gyms, to health retreats and even gyms at sea! International speaker and fitness entrepreneur Kyle Riley travelled the world educating and empowering fitness professionals and clients in taking control of their health. As the co-founder of ShaeFit and ph360 Health Professionals, Kyle now looks to the future of epigenetics, personalised health and AI technology to change the paradigm of the fitness industry, so that trainers can have more impact in the lives of the clients they work with.

Career highlights:

BSc (hons) Exercise Science (UK)
Fitness Director (Princess Cruise Lines)
Speaker/Coach (Biggest Loser Health Retreat)
Teacher (Australian Institute of Fitness)
International Fitness​ ​Presenter (FILEX, FITEX, CanFitPro, AFC) Keynote Speaker (AUSTSWIM)
Co-Founder of ShaeFit and ph360 Health Professionals